Donations to the legal funds

We need your continued help to fight this battle against fracking in Lancashire. Please donate as much or as little as you can afford to send the frackers packing.

The decisions for the main drilling sites and seismic monitoring around Preston New Road and the drilling site at Roseacre Wood were refused by LCC on the 29th June 2015 but Cuadrilla have lodged an appeal which will be considered at a public enquiry commencing February 9th to be held at the Blackpool Football Club.

The Public Enquiry was originally scheduled for 12 days but the Inspector has said, following a preliminary on the 19th January, that it will need 20 days which means that the 2 groups and others (expert witnesses, barristers etc) will have to attend for  a further 8 days. The groups have spent large sums of money on legal advice and expert witnesses and just when they thought they had it all covered the extension was announced.

The result of this change is a huge increase in the costs for Preston New Rd and Roseacre. Whilst there has been some fund raising which still left the groups short to cover their costs, both groups are now suffering a large short fall due to the additional 8 days.

Please follow the links below to make a donation to either or (equally) to both of the groups, look for the donate/appeal fund button in the menu.

To help Preston New Road Group (PNR) please Donate Button1

To help Roseacre Awareness Group (RAG) please Donate Button1

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