Court Dates

Show solidarity in court with Lancashire anti-fracking defendants.

PNR Lorry Surfers
Protesters on Preston New Road. PHOTO: Netpol

Over the coming months, more and more Lancashire anti-fracking campaigners arrested at Preston New Road face trials at Magistrates Courts around the north west of England.

Even for experienced activists, appearing in court is nerve-wracking and many defendants from Lancashire are facing a hearing for the first time. All would welcome as much solidarity as possible, with supporters in the public gallery to witness proceedings.

However, local campaign groups have said they recognise the risk that drawing a significant number of Protectors away from the frontline on Preston New Road to attend court may make it easier for Cuadrilla to beat the blockade without sufficient opposition on site.

They need others to step forward and offer court solidarity – can you help?

Verdicts in magistrates’ court cases are not officially published and are often difficult to monitor. Rather than give more work to busy solicitors defending Lancashire campaigners, if you are attending court you can help Netpol member organisation Legal Defence and Monitoring Group to keep track on the verdicts in trials by sending them an update at

The following are dates when court cases have been listed, with the venues where hearings are taking place. Please come along at 9.30am (unless otherwise indicated) and show your support.

We will update this list as new court dates are announced or if charges are dropped.

Civic Centre, Chapel Street, Blackpool, Lancashire FY1 5DQ

13th-17th Nov, Blackpool. The 13 Locals Lockon from the 3rd July.

17th Nov, Blackpool.
Gary from outside the red van lock on, from the 31st.

24th and 27th Nov. Blackpool.
6th July banner lock on pair.

29th – 30th Nov, believed to be Blackpool.
decoys lockon pair from the 11th July.

6th – 7th Dec 
Blackpool? Italian solidarity stealth rucksacks.

9th Dec,
Blackpool (?) Two Rising Up lock on crew from the long stake out action on the 31st July.

12-14th Dec, Blackpool
. tubes and a concrete barrel at the gate from 4th July

15th – 17th Dec
Blackpool? Morning Rising Up crew from 26th July

22nd Dec, Blackpool
Eds Quarry swing action from way back in the spring

5th 8th and 9th Jan TBC
successful truck surfing by two protectors on 10th July.

13th 14th Feb, Blackpool?
Lancaster car crew from 27th July.

21st-28th Feb
Anti Nukes car and Bristol crew tubes from 5th July

17th Feb
Blackpool? protectors car lock on from 14th July

The Court House, Parker Ln, Burnley BB11 2BS

30th Jan, Burnley
afternoon Rising Up crew from the 26th July doing a novel defence.

County Court and Family Court hearing Centre, Tapton Ln, Chesterfield S41 7TW

20th 21st November, Chesterfield.
The Marriots lock on crew and Bristol tripod crew that blockaded Marriots 13th July

George St, Lancaster LA1 1XZ

29th 30th Nov, Lancaster arrive on the bus crew from Leeds 19th July

Lawson St, Preston PR1 2QT

14th Dec, Preston. Alleged attempted truck surfs on the 17th July

22nd 26th Jan, Preston Family lockon from 12th July

19th Feb Preston Sheffield Notts crew from 20th July.

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