Uniting the roses against fracking!!


The Frack Free Lancashire Bus will be travelling to North Yorks County Council Offices in Northallerton on 20th May 2016. We are going to show support for the Yorkshire groups  who are opposing the development of the KM8 well in Ryedale. We are anticipating there will be great publicity.

battle bus
Our bus in full FFL livery!

If Councillors grant permission it would give Third Energy the opportunity to carry out the first fracking operations since 2011.

If you would like to reserve a place on the bus please email: lancashirebus@outlook.com ASAP

We are suggesting a donation of a minimum of £5pp, which will help to contribute towards the cost of the bus.

First pick up point at:
Maple Farm Nurseries situated on Preston New Rd between Lotus Drive and Moss House Lane, Post code PR4 3PE. It has large anti fracking signs displayed. Bus will arrive at 05.50 and leave at 06.00. All day parking available.

Second pick up point at:
The side of Preston Train Station, Post code PR1 8AP. Arrive 06.30 and leave at 06.40. All day parking available in the station car park.

Then straight through to North Yorks County Council in Northallerton, 20 min break on the way, time allowing.

Depart for return journey at 14.00 reverse route.

We’ll have a great day out…don’t forget the picnic!!

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