Damning Fracking Report Delivered to the Archbishop Of Canterbury

Damning Fracking Report Delivered to the Archbishop Of Canterbury

The Grim Reaper and Dame Vivienne Westwood visited the London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury to deliver a damning report commissioned by Talk Fracking, called ‘Whitehall’s Fracking Science Failure’. Our report proves that the MacKay-Stone report is riddled with false and out of date input data. The input data used in this report is clearly inconsistent with published, publicly available data. The inconsistencies should have been highlighted to Ministers by government advisors immediately upon publication.

The Conservatives and The Church of England for some time have been singing off the same hymn sheet citing the Tory commissioned MacKay-Stone report as their reason to frack England. Dame Vivienne Westwood met with representatives of the Archbishop of Canterbury urging him, “Do not allow the Church of England to be suckered into the Tories grizzly agenda to Frack our Green and Pleasant Land, which is about to be turned into a toxic pin cushion”.

Our report exposes the MacKay-Stone report as a dodgy dossier, and England must at the very least follow Scotland and Wales with an immediate moratorium on fracking. Given this evidence, any other position would be highly irresponsible.

Environmental Impact Figures Are Up To 400 Times Worse Than Reported:

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