OBJECT NOW – Decision 23 June

Engineers at a Cuadrilla shale fracking plantLancashire County Council have now set the date for the determination of Cuadrilla Resources planning applications to drill and frack for shale gas in Lancashire.

If approved these applications will permit the first use of fracking in the UK since Cuadrilla fracked at Preese Hall Farm in 2011 (causing earthquakes).

23rd June 2015 – Preston New Road LCC/2014/0096

25th June 2015 – Roseacre Wood LCC/2014/0101

There are a number of ways that you can register your objection

Cuadrilla have stated that if they get permission they will start work immediately. If you oppose Cuadrilla’s plans it is essential that you register your objection before the 30th June 2015.


Outline your objections in a letter or print out the pro-forma letters below and post them to:

The Development Management Group, County Hall, PO Box 100, Preston, PR1 0LD

Preston New Road Pro-forma Letter

Roseacre Wood Pro-forma Letter

IMPORTANT: You must always include your name, signature, full address, post code and date in all correspondence to Lancashire County Council, otherwise your letter may not be valid.


Compose your own comments or copy and paste comments from the pro-forma letters above and email them to: devcon@lancashire.gov.uk


You can talk to someone and list your objections by phone: 01772 531929


To object online follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click here then select ‘make a representation online’
Step 2 – Fill in your name, address and email, then click ‘Next’
Step 3 – State why you oppose Cuadrilla’s plans

IMPORTANT – Include the following details
Application number – Preston New Road: LCC/2014/0096 Roseacre Wood: LCC/2014/0101

Location of development – Can be left blank

Your objection – Explain your concerns and consider using the pro-forma objection letters above for guidance

Step 4 – Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done…


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