Cuadrilla’s Fracking Plans REJECTED!!!



at Preston New Road & Roseacre

“We the people of Lancashire and Britain declare that we are opposed to fracking here and across the planet”


We know that fracking carries serious risks to local people, to our health, our water, our wildlife and contributes to climate change.

We are happy that Lancashire County Council has listened to the overwhelming wishes of local people and has rejected Cuadrilla’s applications to frack at Preston New Road and Roseacre, in Lancashire.

We have a positive vision for Lancashire and the UK with thriving rural economies that do not threaten our clean air and water. We believe in producing the food and energy we need in a sustainable way that protects our children’s future and our beautiful countryside.

“Today we resolve to continue the fight to remain Frack Free”

“To protect communities in Lancashire and everywhere that the fracking industry is a threat”


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