Information Day & Talk – 3rd March

IMG_9946There has never been a more urgent time to get informed about the realities of hydraulic fracturing and the possible consequences here on the Fylde.

On April 30th Lancashire County Council will finally determine whether to approve or reject Cuadrillas applications to drill and frack for shale gas on the Fylde. Their decision will affect us all for generations to come. With a growing body of evidence from the USA, Australia and Canada, documenting the detrimental effects of this process on the environment, communities and human health, the people of Lancashire are in danger of being the first to find out the worst truths of fracking in the UK.

Fleetwood Folk Say No Fracking and The Lancashire Nanas invite you to an information day followed by a public talk in the evening. Full event details here…

Come along to find out more about: the effects of Fracking on human health, the economics of Fracking and what we as communities can do about it.

Now is the time to put even more pressure on Cuadrilla and oppose their fracking plans at Preston New Road and Roseacre.

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