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Singleton Testing – Decision 25th Feb

Cuadrilla Resources have another planning application before Lancashire County Councils Planning Committee. They have applied for a three year extension to planning at their Grange Road Site in Singleton.

Cuadrilla want to “retain the existing site compound and access track, install seismic and pressure monitors within the existing well, undertake seismic and pressure monitoring”.

The application LCC/2014/0084 dates back to the 19th May 2014 and it’s consideration has been delayed considerably due to haggling over the mitigation of ecological issues. Natural England have now withdrawn their objection, viewing the application in isolation (ignoring the impacts of fracking in the US & Canada) and trusting Cuadrilla to adhere to their plans. Cuadrilla withdrew their application to frack at the site in November 2014, submitting plans to frack at Roseacre & Preston New Road instead.

Cuadrilla’s Drill Rig at Grange Road, Singleton in 2011

Although on the surface this application for testing! may appear benign, Cuadrilla’s intentions are not. They hope to retain the site, reinforce the precedent for industrial activity on the site and apply to frack the well at a later stage! It is only due to the vigilance, resourcefulness, commitment and public-spirited people of the Fylde, Lancashire and Britain that we have been able to hold back the tide of drilling rigs over our landscape.

It is important that we continue to use all our efforts to fight every one of Cuadrilla’s applications.

Register your Objection now!

Object on grounds of:

  • Insufficient information with regards to the processes involved
  • Lack of proper ecological assessments; Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Habitat Impact Assessment (HIA), Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Ask questions about:

  • The implications and impact for this application of Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking activities at the Roseacre & Preston New Road sites

Come and Support Singleton Residents at the planning meeting!

County Hall Preston, Wednesday 25th February 2015, 10am start.

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Leaflet hits The Farmers Guardian

FarmersLeafletFiona from the Frack Free Alliance updated us with their recent leaflet / publication going out to Farmers subscribing to The National Farmer  and The Farmers Guardian.

“We recently put the leaflet out as an insert in the Farmers Guardian to their 20,500 subscription readers, which went on to generate interest from the online publication “National Farmer”.  The National Farmer has subsequently done a news editorial piece based on it, they are now sending the leaflet out as an email to their 54,000 readers.”

The leaflet can be downloaded here!

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OBJECT NOW – Decision 23 June

Engineers at a Cuadrilla shale fracking plantLancashire County Council have now set the date for the determination of Cuadrilla Resources planning applications to drill and frack for shale gas in Lancashire.

If approved these applications will permit the first use of fracking in the UK since Cuadrilla fracked at Preese Hall Farm in 2011 (causing earthquakes).

23rd June 2015 – Preston New Road LCC/2014/0096

25th June 2015 – Roseacre Wood LCC/2014/0101

There are a number of ways that you can register your objection

Cuadrilla have stated that if they get permission they will start work immediately. If you oppose Cuadrilla’s plans it is essential that you register your objection before the 30th June 2015.


Outline your objections in a letter or print out the pro-forma letters below and post them to:

The Development Management Group, County Hall, PO Box 100, Preston, PR1 0LD

Preston New Road Pro-forma Letter

Roseacre Wood Pro-forma Letter

IMPORTANT: You must always include your name, signature, full address, post code and date in all correspondence to Lancashire County Council, otherwise your letter may not be valid.


Compose your own comments or copy and paste comments from the pro-forma letters above and email them to:


You can talk to someone and list your objections by phone: 01772 531929


To object online follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click here then select ‘make a representation online’
Step 2 – Fill in your name, address and email, then click ‘Next’
Step 3 – State why you oppose Cuadrilla’s plans

IMPORTANT – Include the following details
Application number – Preston New Road: LCC/2014/0096 Roseacre Wood: LCC/2014/0101

Location of development – Can be left blank

Your objection – Explain your concerns and consider using the pro-forma objection letters above for guidance

Step 4 – Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done…


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LCC Delays Cuadrilla Decision

Lancashire County Council has announced that it has delayed the determination of Cuadrilla’s planning applications until 30th April 2015.

Here is the press release from Lancashire County Council:

Planners agree more time for shale gas decisions

Lancashire County Council has agreed with Cuadrilla to extend the time allowed to decide the planning applications for shale gas development to allow for consultation on new information mainly relating to noise and traffic. The county council’s Development Control Committee decided last week to defer the decision.

The applications are to drill, frack, and test gas flows, with associated separate applications for environmental monitoring, at two sites in Lancashire – Preston New Road at Little Plumpton, and Roseacre Wood at Roseacre. Read more…

The council’s planners are currently considering new information on noise and traffic and will hold a further consultation with regulators and the public before putting their recommendations to the committee. Dates for the consultation and the meetings at which the Development Control Committee will decide the application will be announced in due course.

Watch this space and follow us on Social Media for regular updates!

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Decision Delay – Fightback Continues

Farmers tractor rally outside County Hall
Farmers tractor convoy outside County Hall

On legal advice Lancashire County Council’s Planning Committee have voted to defer all four of Cuadrilla’s fracking applications for at least 8 weeks.

‘LCC’s chief legal adviser said that these proposals were “substantive” and therefore had to go out to public consultation’

Committee members expressed concern that their authority was being undermined by higher powers and asserted that they held responsibility for the decision. Concern was also expressed for the public and residents right to a fair and timely hearing.

The decision will be delayed by at least eight weeks (around 25th March) and we are guaranteed further half hour presentations on the revised applications.

Outside spirits are high and the fight will continue. If you aren’t involved yet, now is the time to join us! We have 8 more weeks to get even more organised!!!

Contact your Local Group now!

Register your Objection now!

For updates and events follow us on Social Media ->>>

Crowds outside County Hall
Deferred, with 1 vote against and 1 abstention
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Video From Our D-Day Solidarity Rally

LancsSolidarityA massive thanks to all the local people and campaign groups that travelled from all over the UK to stand in solidarity with Lancashire. We were overwhelmed by your amazing support.

Catch all the action from today’s wonderful solidarity rally at County Hall Preston with this live stream.

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Stand With Lancashire – 28th Jan

Huge day for Lancashire – Come and join the thousands of voices against fracking & protect our county!


Come down to County Hall, Preston, where Lancashire County council are due to decide on Cuadrilla’s fracking applications. Fishergate, Preston, Lancashire PR1 8RL

Farmers tractor rally outside County Hall
Farmers tractor rally outside County Hall Preston
County Hall, road closed
County Hall road closed
Waiting for the farmers!
Plackards at County Hall
Plackards at County Hall
Don't mess with Lancashire!
Don’t mess with Lancashire!
Hundreds gather outside County Hall Preston
Anti-Fracking songs outside County Hall
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Getting To Preston – 28th Jan

Residents gathered at Preston New Road on Saturday 24th Jan
Residents gathered for a photo call at Preston New Road on Saturday 24th Jan

On Wed 28th and Thurs 29th January, Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK.

There are groups travelling from across Lancashire and the North East to oppose Cuadrilla’s fracking application at County Hall Preston on Wednesday.

What to bring:

  • BANNERS/SIGNAGE representing your community
  • FOOD & WATER to share
  • WEAR YELLOW solidarity with Frack Free Lancashire


Travel Plans From Across The Region


Join Lancaster Fights Fracking travelling to Preston by train:

Departs Lancaster 8.27
Arrives Preston 8.45


Event Info – Frack Free Solidarity Train

Join Fleetwood Folk Say NO Fracking  travelling to Preston by train:

Departs Blackpool North at 8.21am
Poulton le Fylde at 8.29am
Kirkham and Wesham at 8.39
Arrives Preston 8.49am


Event Info – Frack Free Fares

Join Ribble Estuary Against Fracking travelling to Preston on the X2/2X Bus:

X2 Departs Liverpool 7.13am
Bootle at 7.27am
Crosby at 7.44am
Formby at 8.03am
Birkdale at 8.23am

2X Departs Southport at 8.32am
Churchtown at 8.46am
Tarleton at 8.58am
Arrive Preston at 9.26am


Join Manchester Campaign against Climate Change travelling to Preston by Train from Manchester Picadilly. Meet 7.35 at the waiting area near platform 14:

Depart Manchester 7.45 am
Arrive Preston 8.25 am

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Cuadrilla In Fracking Panic!!!

lancs-fracking-campaignersCuadrilla want to delay their planning hearing but our plans remain the same!!!


We will turn out on Wednesday 28th January in Preston to send a clear message that Lancashire and threatened communities from across the UK object to Cuadrilla’s fracking plans.


“We are shocked and surprised by this application (for a deferral). We have been arguing about the appropriate noise levels for months so they (Cuadrilla) should have known what the acceptable limits were. We think the hearings should go ahead as planned.”

“A deferral will throw a spanner in the works for our presentations. We have people coming from London and even France to present evidence to the hearings. People have had to take time off work and we even had a QC lined up. All the groups were geared up to go now.”

Barbara Richardson: Roseacre Awareness Group


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27,000 Objections & Counting!!!

LancashireObjectionsFriday 16th January

Another 2,000 objections to Cuadrillas Fracking Plans were handed into Lancashire County Council. This brings the known total so far to a massive 27,000. This is definitely the most unpopular planning application ever in Lancashire. There’s still time to have your say. Click here to object.

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